About Us | Melbourne Artisan Bakery | House of Biskota

Welcome to our bake house! Here at House of Biskota we have been baking with love in Melbourne since 2009.  We are proud to be an Australian owned and operated family artisan bakery that produces handmade biscuits using only the best ingredients.  Each of our uniquely delicious treats is the perfect expression of handmade quality.

Baked daily and served straight from our oven for you to enjoy with your family. You will love the taste and freshness of every bite. Our biscuits come in a range of varieties of which some are:
·  Dairy Free     ·  Vegan Friendly.    ·  Egg Free.    ·  Gluten Free

We bake biscuits for all , using Traditional recipes, Gluten Free and our NEW All Natural range we know you will love.  There is a biscuit for everyone with our Traditional range from Daisy Kisses, Chocolate Fingers to Almond Crescents.The Gluten Free biscuits consist of all the ones you love like Melting Moments, Lemon Kisses to Monte Cream. The All Natural range is an exciting project we have been working on to bring new flavours with a twist for your enjoyment, Artisan Anzac, Chocolate Chop, Ginger Snaps and Macadamia and Apricot.

Every day we strive to create visually appealing and delicious tasting treats. Whether it’s snack time at home, having a coffee at your local cafe or shopping for gifts House of Biskota are the biscuits for you. We love baking our hand made treats for your enjoyment.

We love what we do, we bake daily so our customers can devour in our treats.  Passionate and hard working our personal are dedicated to making the highest quality products with the upmost care.